Wednesday, November 5, 2008

best method to learn japanese

I think the TPR method is a good way to learn Japanese. With TPR, it make students easy to remember a new word with body language and it also a technique to help the memory. Students learn the language by connect between memory and physical actions such as sports, dance, or simply moving around the classroom. Furthermore, in TPR student don’t have to read. They just do activity by physical action. That isn’t a problem because they enjoy to remember a new word. Beside that, the goal is the student understand the physical action they do and the student become very active in the class.

my influence

My mother was an important influence me as a child. I said this because she is a patient and a strong person. For example, she could smile although she was having problems. Seldom, when she having problems, she told it to her sons because she didn’t want make her sons worried. If she was in the condition, she would pray to God and be confident that God will help her to settle the problem. Beside that, she was a mysterious person. She never lets anyone know whether she is sad. Usually I like to see her behavior and like to understand her. Today I same like her I am a patient and if I have any problem I can be a strong girl because of her influence.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


A university graduation ceremony has several stages. First, for the ritual, student must put on cap with tassels. Then they must sit together in a special area. They were separated from their family and friends. Next, they listen a speeches from principal about their futures. All students look happy wait for take the certificate on the stage. After that, the principal calls their names. When the students hear their name, they walk to and across the stage. This walk is symbolizes their transition. Then they take their diploma, certificate of completion and shake hand with the principal. Finally, they move the tassels on their caps from one side to the other. This is symbolize too. It means that they now belong to the group of collage graduation.


When I was 10 years old, I was learned about love from my favorite activity, playing with my pet. My favorite pet is cat It’s name is Comel. Every day I’m playing with it. I’m very love Comel because it is very cute. I also take whole time with Comel such as watching television, sleep and many more. Comel liked to eat, and I always give it milk and Whiskas to him, so it makes Comel more fat and become acute pet. The fur also very softy. Beside that, it always follow me when I playing with my friends. One day, when I’m back from school, I’m queer it not come to me. I have search it but not found. I’m asked to my mother, where is Comel. Unfortunately, My mother said, Comel was died in an accident, I shocked and crying. Two day I’m was fever. From this happening, I got a lesson that, every live will be end at the last.


My favorite toy when I was a child is teddy bear. At the first, impossible to me to get the teddy bear. It because my father don’t like teddy bear stay in my house. He said, that angle will can’t enter in my house if have it. But I’m usually appeal to him, that I won’t a teddy bear. finally my father feel sorry and brought a teddy bear for me. I’m very like and loved it. Every where I’m go, I bring my teddy bear. Beside that, I also cannot sleep without my teddy bear. Now, The effect is it make me take care of all of loving person, such as family, friend, and other. Until now, I cannot sleep without embrace a teddy bear.


The advertisement that we had saw is about the Chip. It very delicious. There a family has husband and wife was all with their grandchild. Firstly, after they break first, the grandchild want go to college and bring the chip. After that, the chip was spilled from his hand, but he didn’t realize it and still go out. Then his grandfather and grandmother were realized and try to get this chip. Next, this wife moving quickly to take it, but suddenly her husband take this crosier and hander his wife from get the chip. So, she falling down but still have an effort to get it. Then although her husband move slowly, he still try to walk quickly and excellent get it and his wife. Unfortunately, when her husband looking back at her wife to show that chip, she is showing his false teeth in her hand, so her husband was disappointed because without that teeth, he cannot eat. Finally, their grandchild is come back to take his chip and both of them very sad it certainly they didn’t eat it. It is show that, the chip so delicious, until every one wont to eat even very hard to get it.


Many rite we can found in Malaysia, for example engaged and it have the stages. First, the man’s family must go to the women house to tell their son ambition to get married with their daughter. Besides that, they also bring the ring and the passing with them. Next, they discuss between both of families to choose the suitable day to their son and daughter to get married. This is challenging to all the family to get the best decision. After they got and agree with the result, they will change all the passing from man’s family to women’s family. Finally, his mother case the ring to the women finger. In this ritual, the women who want engaged, were a special clothes like ‘Baju kurung’, ‘Kebaya’, ‘Songket’ so on to make her look beautiful elegant, but the man who want engaged not join the ritual. All this ritual, people participate in a group for example group from the man and the women.